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For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing an interview with Mat Devine. The format was interesting enough in and of itself as it consisted of a question-a-day via email that Mat answered on his phone while commuting to his rehearsals for Spiderman-Turn Off The Dark.

Chasing Shadows At Midnight: This is my all time favorite Pillar song. It has inspired many poems based on some of the lyrics such as chasing shadows. I love the way this song starts out, somewhat slow and then it gets faster as the song goes. Sometimes some of us wear our scars on our sleeves, and allow our “shadows” to rule our lives. There are times when our fears are the worst when the sun goes down and we think about things we need to do such as apologize and focus on our shadows which could be past hurts. I love this song. I think it is one of Pillar’s most powerful songs.

MD: A producer of the show had heard about me through my lawyer, and asked me to audition. It was a great challenge to put myself outside of my comfort zone and that’s why I liked the process. It was kind of scary but very, very fun. I don’t think I expected to like it as much as I did. Pretending to be someone else is kind of liberating.

Breakthrough dual face design provides true experience of using a music player. Samsung F300 Perfectly harmonized with sweeping user interface and simple, specialized dial for smoother and quicker navigation. Get into the dual-face: Both a phone and an MP3 player integrated and separate at the same time. One side features a compact mobile phone with a 1.4″ 65K TFT Sub LCD display. Easy flip it over to reveal an MP3 player with a 2.1″ 262K TFT LCD display. Surprising eye-catching design appeals. The Samsung F300 is one device for mobile users who are true music buffs.

Frontline: I simply love this song. The band talks about being on the frontline of God’s Army and facing our sins, and evil things head on. This song makes me want to get up and dance and throw my fist in the air when they say “with your fist raised high.” The documentary background music royalty free gets you pumped up for whatever is to come and ready to fight off whatever the world has to throw at us to throw us off our path with God.

The baby elephant tries and tries to break free initially, but soon learns that it’s futile and so gives up. From that point on he knows that when he is chained to a peg, there is no point trying to break free. Although the full-grown elephant could easily break free, he doesn’t, because he doesn’t believe that he can. His mind has been trained that when he is chained, he can’t get away.

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