Accessorizing The Dog Bed

You bring your cute, fun loving puppy home for the first time and of course you want your canine to sleep with you. All furry warm and snuggly. But that is not the best thing to do for you or your pooch. You really need a canine bed and establish the correct behavior at the outset. Sure it’s fine now but when your dog grows to it’s full size at 100 lb, will it be such fun?

She is always there when you need a friend ready to play or cuddle and she asks for so little. Food, fresh water, shelter and love are all it takes to make her happy but with all the things she does for you, doesn’t she deserve more? One way to show her how much you care is with one of the designer dog beds that suits her personality to a tee.

Sleeping in your bed can take its toll on your pet’s health over time as well. When your dog jumps in and out of your bed, it can eventually cause injuries to his hips and legs. This is especially true for the smaller breed dogs that have to jump so high to reach the bed. Dog beds are placed on the floor making it easy for him crawl in and out without putting so much stress on his joints. This makes them safer for him to use.

Next, attach the peel-and-stick Velcro tape to the inside edge of the pillowcase. Press it firmly in place to make sure it is secure. The edges can be hand sewn if necessary.

Alas, larger dogs often suffer from joint problems, arthritis, etc… Large dog beds will help in allowing your dog to sleep or relax in comfort off the hard, cold and sometimes damp ground which would only increase these problems. You can get beds made of memory foam, which gives more support to the long spines and limbs of the larger dogs. This can be invaluable in avoiding joint problems later in the dog’s life.

Size. This is so important when purchasing a Luksus hundeseng as most people do exactly the same thing and buy a dog bed that is too big for the dog. The main reason owners do this because they want to buy a bed that the dog will grow into and save money at the same time by purchasing a bed that will last the dog for life. This is the WRONG thing to do. A puppy needs to feel secure and purchasing a huge dog bed (especially with a roof) can be very daunting for a small puppy so try to buy something that is of a suitable size. Make sure that you buy a bed that has raised walls as again, this makes the puppy feel secure and comfortable in their surroundings.

Using a box? A box is a very good idea for a very young pup as they do tend to chew a hell of a lot during the first 3 months of their lives. I started my dog off with an old computer box and we just cut an entrance into the front of the box and cut the lid off. We then made sure that the box was well padded out with comfy blankets and other comforters like a small cushion. The nice thing with a box is that you can make it really cozy compared to standard dog beds. I would recommend using a box for the first 3 months of the dog’s life and then moving on to something a little more practical.

There are so many choices; you will be sure to find a bed that’s just right for you and your dog. A wrought iron dog bed is a great addition to your home. Best of all, it’s not “just” for your dog even though he may appreciate it the most.

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