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You might think that all recreational vehicles are giant energy-wasting gas guzzlers. And while you probably don’t want to make your daily work commute via RV, taking a motor home vacation is not going to punch a hole through the ozone layer. If you think that recreational vehicles are just eco-hazards on wheels, you’ll be surprised to know that there are many ways to convert your motor home into an earth-friendly vehicle. A few simple tips, like the ones here, can help ensure that your RV trip is environmentally friendly.

If you want a hole that is four feet in diameter you should pound a tie rod into the ground in the center of where you want your hole. Next, cut a string that measures half your diameter when tied to the iron rod in the center. If you have a four foot diameter hole cut a string that extends two feet from the center rod. Spray paint a circle where the string ends, around the rod in the center of the hole. Dig out the sod or grass that is in the painted circle.

Catalina Sea Camp is located in Avalon, California and is for kids ages 12 to 17 years old. The cost is $650 to $1000 per week. This camp offers courses for every level and interest. Some of the courses offered are Diving, Sailing, and Marine Science and Adventure. At night, campers have a chance to enjoy fun activities such as beach parties, outdoor movies, source, karaoke, games, and dances. Call 800-645-1423 for more info.

As pretty and peaceful as a gully or glen is during a non-rainy season, be alert for flash floods. Gullies will fill quickly with water and may cause a disaster you do not want to be any part of.

Starting at the beginning though, getting into your campsite is the real fun part – especially if it is not a drive-through. The new words you discover as you try to reverse into your site are very rewarding. My vocabulary has increased ten-fold since camping with my wife as my reversing guide! And the experts you find in the field are amazing – “You should have lessened your lock and then taken it slower, now edge forward a touch, blah blah blah…”. I wish I could have watched some of the “experts” do it.

If you are going to visit and want to check this place out be sure to get a map from the museum store and take a hike. While we were up there it was trout fishing season in the little lakes and streams about, and plum-picking season had just begun. It’s also not uncommon to see hunters in their trucks with the bed full of their hunting dogs. They usually end up with some pretty nice boars to take home.

Long ago, before we, as a human species settled down into a more civilized world, we had many things to worry about in the wilds of the world. As the human species began evolving, we became scared of things like the dark. We became scare of being eaten alive by wild flesh eating beasts. It became even worse when those two things came together. The world could be a terrifying place to be in for a human. Thus, the fight or flight response was born.

Lots of folks combine their camping with other activities. All-terrain vehicle fans camp where sand dunes can be found, not only in the aforementioned desert, but at the coast as well. Fishermen, hikers, rock hounds, birdwatchers, anyone with hobbies that include the out-of-doors can be avid campers. Let’s not forget newlyweds who spend their honeymoon in the great outdoors as well.

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