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Finding the right shopping cart is not an easy task. It often takes lots of time in research and you really have to analyze where you want to go with your store. You do not want to be too restricting by going with an overly simple one where you may not be able to add products and things. At the same time, you may not have a demand for one that has all the bells and whistles. This is why there are so many out there. Many have different options that you may or may not need. It is now time to go through and figure out which one will work best for you. Below is the method that I recommend you use to finding the right one.

Will the shopping cart run on your server? One advantage in buying a shopping cart from your hosting provider is that you do not have to worry about a mismatch.

Ask customers for feedback. Everyone wants to tell you what they like or dislike about your service. They aren’t’ even trying to be mean. They want to get baby wash basins an improved service that meets their needs. Ask, then listen. Use your shopping cart’s broadcast function to send a message to all your clients and then ask them to fill out a simple survey using a free survey program, like Survey Monkey. You’ll be able to add new services and features that you know your clients want. Sure beats trying to invent services on the fly! Your customers will thank you for this!

Captures sales data such as customer name, email, phone and street address. Armed with this information, you can contact current customers by phone, mail or email to build relations.

I could sit here and tell you everything that I look for a shopping cart. It would probably be a laundry list of things. However, that is for my own website, and may not fit yours. Since you are selling different items more than likely, you may have a demand for different things. This is why there are also so many shopping carts on the market. Several of them have good customer service, they all run well, but it’s the little things that make their products unique. For this reason, several different baby high chairs do sell well online because they are tailored towards different types of business needs. Below though, I have created a few things that should be true for all people who are looking for a good PHP shopping cart. I hope it helps you narrow down your choices.

Not having a sitemap is just as bad. Many website owners don’t think they need a sitemap because people don’t use them. It’s not about people! Search engines love sitemaps. They literally crawl all over sitemaps. Even if you have to maintain the sitemap manually, have one and link to it on every page of your site.

This should make it easier to decide. And even if you don’t like the choices in this article, you can at least use them as baseline comparisons of other systems.

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