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History essay writing is somewhat tricky for one very important reason – history is really not about dates and names and places. A good college history essay should take the issues of a history class and represent them in an interesting way. After all, history is all about telling stories and telling them in new and interesting ways.

I always tell my writing students that a good custom college essay should be argumentative or persuasive in nature. The job of a college writer is to present an issue in a new and interesting way – not to simply rehash information.

How many times have you groaned over a bad essay grade, then stuffed it into a binder without another thought? Stop! Accept that C as constructive criticism, really read your teacher’s comments, and seek advice on doing better.

The body is the story. The introduction sets the scene for the rest of the essay so make sure the body of your custom college essay is consistent with the points raised in your introduction and make sure you tell that story.

If your school offers an ERB (a skills and knowledge test) or the PSAT in the ninth grade, use these scores to identify academic strengths and weaknesses. Don’t worry about preparing for these tests, but do talk with a parent or guidance counselor to help you understand your underperformance or get extra academic support in areas where you were weaker.

Ask whether he’d like to talk about how it’s going. There’s a line between nagging and being helpful, and it’s different for everyone. Whole books could be written about this – and undoubtedly have! Ask your teen what would be helpful.

Writers block is never a pleasant experience, and it always seems to happen whenever you REALLY need to start writing. However, suffering from this symptom doesn’t mean that you can’t break free of it, it only means that your writing has been put on a slight delay but will be returning to its regularly scheduled programming soon. Good luck, and happy writing!

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