Diamond Earrings – What To Look For?

How do you choose the right diamond engagement ring? It seems that some of this industry is under the microscope and consumers aren’t sure what they’re supposed to look for in an excellent princess diamond cut quality diamond.

The most serious effect of the open culet, if it is a large culet, is when the diamond is a Cushion cut 鑽石搜尋 with a large culet. Because of the flat appearance of the diamond, the large culet has the most significant effect of any other shape of diamond.

Many diamond price are over graded by one color grade and one clarity grade, to make them easier to sell. This may sound minor, but 1 carat diamond can easily lose its value in 1000$ or more due to a false grading! A certificate from a respected laboratory will give you an accurate assessment and will help will avoid this problem.

The Color of the stone means how white it is. A diamond is graded along a color scale which starts from D (the whitest) and goes all the way till Z (yellowish tint). Whiter diamonds are costlier than Yellowish diamonds as these are rarer.

Diamonds are used for diamond engagement rings because of its durability. These kinds of gemstones are the hardest and toughest and is said to be a hundred times harder than ruby and sapphire. In fact, only a diamond can cut another diamond and this makes it a perfect symbol for marriage. These qualities of this gemstone are used to symbolize a lasting marriage. Although diamond engagement rings are expensive, men who are to propose to their partners do not mind its price tag. However, it is important to know how to choose the right kind of engagement ring that is worth your money and time.

The most important thing that you must never miss before buying your diamond ring is the 4C’S of diamond that includes colour, carat, cut and clarity. These are the four important aspects of diamond and you must have the knowledge of these four aspects if you want a perfect diamond for your engagement ring.

As with anything else, the simplest thing you can do to protect yourself when shopping for a men’s diamond ring is to shop informed. Knowing what to look for is the first step to avoid being scammed.

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