John Mccain Knows How To Win Wars, But Right Now He Should Win An Election

The day following the election, early-morning emails verified late-evening projections. Not only did Barack Obama get his re-election bid for the White House, same-intercourse relationship was legalized in two states by well-liked vote instead than by court action, and marijuana was legalized for all utilizes, including leisure, in Colorado and Washington state. It was not a good news day.

But it’s just not accurate. I studied all Election parody song many years since 1920, and right here’s how the Dow fared in every. I included whether or not it was a Republican or a Democrat in the White House in case that made a distinction.

I election parody think there is a reality out there, but no 1 is expressing it! As if to express it; the “Truth”; would be opposing those member affiliated and Organizational cash driven factors of see, this kind of as “Citizens for.” “This or that”.

There have to be some very great reasons why the Kochs would greatly prefer Romney to Obama and they most likely include pipeline leases and non-negotiable credit score-swap carried interest deferment securities. I don’t know precisely. Or even generally. But if billionaires are desperate to elect Romney, then I want the other guy.

The answer for this country then and now is for God’s individuals to turn out to be holy as He is holy. It is for us to see our sin as God sees it and place our religion unwaveringly in His word, who He is, and His faithfulness to do what He states He’ll do. It is for us to obey without compromise simply because of His grace that saves us and retains us turned toward Him and His ways.

Since I don’t have an hour to destroy — except for the hour leftover from Daylight Savings Time, but I am conserving that for a large Monopoly game — I may go with another option: voting with my ft. I will enter the booth by strolling with my hands. As I drop more than each few seconds and waste everybody’s time, I will tell people that it’s essential I vote with my ft simply because I am voting for a candidate who is attempting to make it illegal for people to stroll on their feet. When individuals inquire who this candidate is, I will expose that the applicant is me, and I can only be chosen by way of write-in votes. This will allow me to officially declare myself as a applicant for some random position. I just have to hope I don’t get.

Ultimately, it appears like severe health care reform is dead. We might get some reform, but it will be little. Given the incredible expenses of medical care in this nation, that is a shame.

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