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News out that kids who are looking for an easy, cheap, and pretty much undetectable high are choking themselves with belts, ties, ropes and dog leashes. The ligatures cut off oxygen to their brain to the point that they pass out. They describe experiencing a dream-like state. In fact, in Ireland this game is known as “The American Dream.” Elsewhere it’s known as the “Choking game”, “Fainting game”, “Something dreaming game,” etc.

So, do we simply let the numbers speak for themselves and put a “C” down for his first semester? In my way of thinking, the grade isn’t exclusively based upon or about “the numbers.” it’s about what has been learned and achieved. I would justify giving him a “B” by weighting the second quarter more, maybe 60%.

When I first signed on, I thought I would prefer elementary school. I was registered at my boys’ school and the calls just weren’t coming in. But my daughter’s middle school always had openings.

This time his dream comes true and he wakes a real boy and the fairy comes to him. His old self lies motionless in the corner as a mere puppet. He does not scorn it.

When I felt like reading something, a RS Aggarwal Quantitative Aptitude PDF was usually close at hand. By reading those, I discovered that there were many different ways to do basic math problems like adding and multiplying columns of numbers. I also learned some tricks and tips that have simplified math calculations, gaining confidence along the way. My son also enjoyed browsing through some of these, especially after I ordered some personal copies to read at home.

Your homework is to go through a variety of learning disability checklists that identify auditory and visual processing problems. By going through them, you will know whether to proceed with more formal testing and who you need to do the formal testing: an audiologist, a developmental optometrist, school psychologist, or a physician, etc.

This is a book of recreational mathematics, but it is relatively serious. Several of the chapters have some calculus, one has a bit of simple matrix algebra. So, if you are reading this on your own, it’s probably best if you had at least one course in calculus at some point – even if you don’t remember it very well. So, that’s one audience.

My next recommendation is to bring a journal. Having your children write their experiences each day can help solidify their learning. It will give regular practice with writing, and provide you a place to record all the things they did and learned. When it comes time for a transcript, you can review those activities, and catalog them into various classes. It’ll help you calculate the hours spent on each course, which will help you with figuring out the credit value.

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