Mom Time — No Guilt Allowed!

Anyone who suffers from anxiety can tell you very quickly that the problem is not just a nuisance. It can disrupt work and home life. It can strike at very inopportune times, and it is not fun. Anxiety can come in the form of a disorder, like social anxiety disorder or general anxiety disorder, or it can be an effect of stress or depression.

The fifth item is that Jesus got up and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, “Peace, be still.” If the storms of life come at you then you speak to them and tell them to be the way they should be. They should be according to the promises of God’s Word and not the way they are in regard to causing damage and panic. If your mind has been renewed to the Word of God then your thinking has changed to be like God’s. Why? It is because God’s thoughts have been written down and we call the book of his thoughts the bible. The more you read and how to breathe properly on the Word of God you will find your thoughts being like what is in the bible. And when the words that you speak are lined up with the Word of God your words will be filled with power.

This article, as many of my articles, are much easier to understand when the reader is a meditator. For some mysterious reason, a calm mind resulting from meditation, or contemplative prayer, can easily read complicated metaphysical articles, or the bible, and understand them at very deep levels.

Be at peace within yourself, it will come in it’s own time. Know yourself, and impose your will in your vision. What is within will be brought to the outside, which is the creation of the power of your will.

If you find you are in 5th gear at 10,000 RPMs with panicked thoughts and panicked breathing, you do have power! You do have control to breath deeply and slowly and “shift” yourself down to a more relaxed place. If you are a loved one of someone with an addiction, breath deeply before (during and after) any struggle/confrontation you may have with someone who is addicted. It will help you to be in a better, more relaxed place and to make better choices.

All you want to do here is to have some money coming in which can provide you with some food to eat [not necessarily a regular satisfactory meal] as well as have some left to invest on self development.

I believe that either St. John of the Cross or St. Teresa of Avila said that when one is unmistakably drawn toward God, a person can become as if they are sick, extremely tired, having lost all appetite, and finding all food nauseating. Everything is an annoyance; people, business dealings, they are all burdens. Only the illness and the longing for health (God), is important, and even though the business of life must go on, there is no longer an appetite for it. The taste is gone. Now these things of the world molest the one who is ill, and create untold burdens.

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