Using Social Media As A Marketing Tool For Your Small Business: (Part 1)

When it comes to marketing a small business, being present and accounted for on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter is pretty much mandatory. With the volume of traffic these sites generate per day, you are at a definite disadvantage not to participate. Learning to fill out your social profile page effectively is a must. It can make or break the amount of business you generate from social marketing your business.

While the Browse new topics is typically put early on in the marketing plan, you might consider writing this after you’ve looked at your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Register your account. Go to Facebook and fill-in the requested information and click the Sign-up button. After the security question, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

Restrictions of having a business profile include the requirement to keep off any distracting features. Therefore, options like friending other people and allowing them to friend you back are not present. Thus, you can’t chat with people online, comment on other statuses or connect with others in the way most social networks allow you to do. The purpose of the business profile is to limit your use to administrating a company page, and that’s about it.

#2. Use 3rd Party Resources. My favorite of the home Business tips is this one because it will make your biz much more efficient and require less work from you. If you have a video presentation for your MLM, send your prospects there instead of spending an hour on the phone with them. Also, do 3-way calls with your more experienced upline.

I know a president of a local company who found a new VP for his company in just five days after using the Status Update to ask his network for help. Think of the time and money that saved him.

So don’t try to equate marketing membership sites with these other ways of spending money: they are there to enable you to use these ways of spending money – as often as you want to.

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