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I’m obsessed. I can’t get Cuba out of my mind. It fills my thoughts during the day and my dreams at night. They’re confusing thoughts, as hazy as the smog that hangs over Havana. This dichotomous culture quietly rests 90 miles from our southern border. Vibrant cities full of song & dance. Each with the outward appearance of a ghetto. Highly literate and articulate people in western dress barely getting by.

A Brand: Successful bloggers have built their blog in to a brand that you would know anywhere. Shoemoney’s got his blue Superman logo that you would know anywhere, and Probloggers “atom P” logo stands out as well. I noticed that John Chow only recently got a nice looking “JC” logo for his blog as well. John Chow has his famous “Make Money Online” eBook, Shoemoney just did Elite Retreat and own “Shoemoney Media”, Problogger helps fun “B5 Media”. For these top-notch bloggers their blogs have become household names and “brands” known by thousands yearning for online success. These three have even taken those brands to the next level and created million dollar companies.

Toward the end of the 19th century, a new style of music emerged called ragtime. After the abolition of slavery, opportunities to learn opened up to many African americans. However, there were not many job openings. Many talented African americans took jobs as skupina in minstral shows, in bars and clubs. Ragtime was created in the red-light districts of New Orleans and was a modifcation of the march, characterized by polyrhythms and syncopation. It was very upbeat and perfect for dancing. Ernest Hogan was a black entertainer who first recorded ragtime on sheet music in 1895. It became very popular music and was even adopted by white musicians in America and in Europe. The ragtime is considered the first type of jazz music.

All this is matter-of-fact. Like the police checks that can occur anywhere. It’s all part of being a Cuban. Joaquin served in the Army & trained in Russia. He fought briefly in Angola. And we think our Vietnam Vets got a raw deal. Still mystified, I leave him at a coffee stand and hail a taxi. “Why do the police stop its citizens?” I ask the cab driver as we glide down the Malecon.

All of this has changed with computer technology. Now you can get all of those tools in the form of software at prices that make it affordable to everyone. You can get a decent beat making software package for under $50 that actually produces beat tracks at a professional level.

They usually respond within 72 hours, depending on the volume of support tickets coming in. As a test I sent them a couple quick questions and they actually responded within 24 hours which was quite surprising.

Noise is a brutal enemy of good hearing. Once a person’s hearing is damaged by noise, regardless of the source of the noise, it’s never going to be the same again.

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