Gold Coins – Why Is Everyone Buying Gold?

When it comes to your home you will always want to keep it safe and secure and there are very few people who would leave it unlocked while they’re away. However, a lot of people do leave their valuables on clear display or at least not locked away and this is never a good thing. Deposit safes are ideal to keep your valuables safe while you’re away from home and you can find a huge range of options on the web.

What kind of things are we talking about? Any valuable papers. Things like automobiletTitles, Coins (rare), Passports, Bearer Shares, Citizenship Records, Bills of Sale, Pension records, school transcripts, trust documents, immigration papers, rare stamps, mortgage documents and so on. You may also wish to store data such as USB memory sticks or backup DVDs securely off-site.

Put your cell phone on ICE! Add a contact to your cell phone and name it: In Case of Emergency. Then list whom you would want to be contacted in the case you ended up in the hospital. Hospitals are now checking cell phones for emergency contacts.

If you want to keep a card for emergencies, you need to take it to your safe deposit box in the morning. Or freeze it in a big bowl of water in your freezer. Make it inaccessible to you. For example, not only is our emergency card in a watch safe box, it is in a bank in another town. In a small town forty miles away from anywhere I would want to shop. No Walmart or shopping center close by. It is out of the way. That one decision of where to put it has saved us a lot of money.

Almost all banks offer safety deposit boxes. If yours is located in a country where you have no problems, it doesn’t matter much which one you use. But you should have at least one person you trust who knows about the box and is able to access it. If you have an accident it is important that your box not be forgotten or abandoned.

The landlord can only take the money and put it in a safe place, at penalty of law. Once it changes hands, the money becomes his responsibility. No shopping spree at Bloomingdales. At present in California, landlords are allowed to charge a maximum deposit of two months rent for unfurnished apartments and three times for furnished ones.

Secrecy has its place in securing your physical bullion. No one needs to know if, when and how you are handling this issue. When the time comes for you to transfer your wealth, is the time for your heirs to know. This means few people if any in your circle should be privy to your commitment to this line of wealth preservation.

Keep a copy of your will and any trust agreements in your safe deposit box but not the originals. These should be on file at your attorney’s office because if you die your attorney will need your will. Safe deposit boxes are often sealed upon death until the IRS can get in there and see what’s what. So if your will is in there it may complicate things considerably since you may not be able to get it out till the IRS gets done (and who knows how long that will take!).

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