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Throughout our lives we make tens of thousands of purchasing decisions-some more thought out than others. Knowing the difference between our “wants” and “needs” is an important part of learning to manage our money in a mindful and empowered way. It’s easy to spend money. What can be more challenging is spending money in a way that is truly attuned with our values and desires.

While it’s nice seeing the mailbox full of holiday cards with nice happy holi quotes and greetings, those cards make up a large percent of the added paper waste during the holidays. Here’s a plan of attack for reducing that waste.

If he is standing in a group of people and must leave, he says, Please Excuse me”, to those who have made eye contact. He does not on purpose get other people’s attention to announce his departure. If no one is aware, He politely turns and leaves.

If there is one man in the world of entertainment who can define comedy, it’s Robin Williams. What better way to celebrate his birthday than with some funny and humorous Robin Williams quotes? While many have tried to imitate Mr. William’s humor, none can quite match his charisma and charm. These 14 Robin Williams quotes are just a small example of the fun and humor that Robin Williams has provided us with.

At WA you are taught how to beat Google with any keyword that has under 5,000 quoted search results. This is a VERY GOOD one for SEO and article marketing. There are millions of keywords like this out there and our tool will help you quickly research and expose these search terms so you don’t ever need to ask how to beat Google again. I personally use this tool right now so I can attest to how much time and energy it does save in research.

There is a magical aspect to this that actually goes much farther than just avoiding the temper tantrum. Wise men and women throughout history have tried to tell us in as many ways as they could about these principles.

Ask them about their pricing structure. Is it per hour or per project? Find out who would be responsible for your project and their level of skills and experience. Are they contactable outside normal business hours?

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