Weekend Box Office: ‘Paranormal Activity 3’ Breaks Fall Records

We’re all fascinated with ghosts. There are so many television programs that center around ghost hunting such as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Most Haunted and Ghost Lab.

Sadly though I cannot remember a single one of these books. When I saw that Goosebumps movies were being aired on television this month though I of course set up my TIVO to catch every episode.

Several of us tried to take photographs on the third floor but when we went to snap the shots we found our cameras were dead. Our cell phone batterys also drained quickly in the building.

Which brings me to my next subject of the night vision camera. The people wandering around in the dark on most of the shows you watch with ghosts of temple newsam online is not because they have magical powers. It is because they hold this special device that allows them to see on their video camera screen what is in front of them. It is usually pitch black and the only way for them to know what is around them is by this device. This device has also been known to catch paranormal orbs of light, shadows of the spirits, and things moving on their own. Loud noises detected by nobody else being in the room with them and so on.

I myself work as a full time psychic under the nickname of Ms Swami. I am clairvoyant, meaning that I see things happen before they actually happen. I also have a passion for Paranormal blog online the Tarot.

Carnie Wilson stayed in the apartment with her husband musician Rob Bonfiglio in 2004. One night she awakened to her covers being yanked from her legs and the feeling of needles of electricity violently poking into her legs. Carnie said something was trying to get her clothes off and she was terrified.

Up to this point, I thought the movie was worth watching. I don’t want to ruin the movie for those who still plan on seeing it but I must confess it suddenly takes a turn way off course. It goes from being a movie on whether demons are real and exorcism is still needed in the world to being a movie in the vein of the Wicker Man, which was not a good idea. Cotton becomes the typical stupid character in a horror movie, although he does grow as a character. I personally cannot recommend the movie, though, and see it as a movie with a ton of potential, that drops the ball completely. I also would hope that it would be the last “documentary” horror movie for a while, but with Paranormal Activity 2 on the way, I doubt it.

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