Zamzuu Success – How To Supercharge Your Zamzuu Business In 5 Easy Steps

If you are reading this right now, you have your friends and business associates talking about the wonders of social media marketing (heck, you might even be the one shouting all over about the wonders of the web). Over the past year names such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have catapulted into our consciousness.

I check my Facebook, Twitter, Buy LinkedIn PVA Accounts only from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm. The same rule I strongly abide to for my email also applies in this case: no peeping at social networks outside allowed times.

Next, get recommendations! If you have any close business associates that have given you a great testimonial, get them to write a recommendation for you. These will show up on your profile, so it will give you the needed boost that you are looking for. And the best part? These testimonials show up on their LinkedIn profile as well, and positions them on a senior level… so it is a win/win situation!

Now go into your EzineArticles account. Go to Profile Manager>Edit Author Bio>Twitter URL>and follow the directions to list your Twitter URL on your Expert Author Page and Authorize Access to Your Twitter Account.

See, the offline world is full of more security holes than the online world could ever be. Could that waiter copy down my credit card numbers? Or could a patient at the doctor’s office memorize my social security number? Could that customer service rep fully take over my identity? You bet they could.

Write articles that link back to your website. There are lots of sites where you can submit articles to get visibility for your site. Another strategy is to write articles or blog posts and give them to people who already have strong followings. Just ask for a link to your website in return for the free article.

When innocently driving your car you do not want to fall victim of a blameless, harmless, guiltless traffic violation trap. In my area there is a 45 mile speed limit coming down a rapidly descending mile long steep hill. Then the pavement abruptly hits level ground, city limits, and a 25 mph speed limit all at the same time. Unless you plan well in advance, you are caught. Then without logic you are held accountable and at fault for speeding and placed in the wrong for reckless driving by the traffic cop ambush.

Set this up just once and you have set up a beautiful traffic triangle forever. Now every time you publish a new article it will be automatically announced on your Twitter stream and on your LinkedIn stream. Just as this article will be when it is published.

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